Doctor Sleep: Custom Moldable Dental Night Guard

Doctor Sleep: Custom Moldable Dental Night Guard

I have suffered from grinding my teeth all my life. I used to grind my teeth so loud that people didn’t think it was me grinding my teeth. When I was a young teen I joined my dad on a family trip to Laughlin, NV. My step mom woke my dad up because she thought I was awake shuffling card on the other side of the hotel room. Unfortunately my oldest daughters suffer the same fate.

We had hoped that the Doctor Sleep Night Guards would help alleviate our suffering. For me I found these mouth guards to fit myself well but both my girls complained that they didn’t fit well. My 17yr old daughter claimed it was too small and she is very petite. My 15 yr old daughter also claimed it didn’t fit because it fell out of her mouth when she slept.

Unfortunately my daughters decided to shape these themselves before I had the chance to show them how to boil and shape them. That could be the reason my 15 yr olds didn’t stay in right and as I mentioned my 17 yr old is petite and has a small mouth. Since then I have enjoyed mine and have no complaints. I will order these again for myself in the future and highly recommend them for adults. Click Here to check them out


Features** – Product comes with 3 mouth-guards, dentist professional design, made in the USA from long-lasting (hygienic, soft, odor free and taste free polyvinyl material), 12 month minimum product life, mouth guards are moldable.

Pros** – Great for sufferers of teeth grinding, easy to mold right out of the package, three in a box makes it a great value, made in the USA,  the quality of the product leads me to believe that they will last 3-6 months at least.

Cons** – It would be nice if, since they send three, they came with a few different sizes. It would also be nice if they had lines running across the back as a cutting guide. I had a pair for football that were like that.

Shipping & Packaging ** – We received this device using amazon prime for free shipping. It arrived in two days and the item was packaged well. Inside the package was a box that contained all 3 mouth-guards inside a plastic bag. You can use the box and bag for storage of the unused mouth-guards but I wouldn’t store a used mouth-guard inside as it is a plastic bag that doesn’t reseal and a cardboard box. I recommend going to your local Wal-mart to purchase a plastic storage container.

In closing I don’t know if I would recommend the Doctor Sleep Mouth Guard for youth or teens but for adults or medium to large mouths I highly recommend this product. I was personally very satisfied and though my teeth grinding isn’t as severe as in my youth. Click Here for more info

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