M-SUN Windshield Sunshade – A Powerful UV Ray Deflector – Cool And Protect Car (Standard 59×27 inches)

M-SUN Windshield Sunshade – A Powerful UV Ray Deflector-Cool And Protect Car(Standard 59*27inches)

M-SUN Windshield Sunshade

M-SUN Windshield Sunshade

M-SUN Windshield Sunshade

We have been looking for a decent sunshade as ours is pretty sun-bleached. I didn’t really want any cute character ones and I am not a fan of the accordion sunshades. I also have a prime membership, with free 2 day shipping, so I didn’t want to wait a week for Walmart’s site to store. So I went to Amazon to try and find something simple that would last. After a few minutes I found the M-SUN Windshield Sunshade and two days later it arrived. Well I was pretty satisfied with this product and it fit my Hyundai perfect. The design is simple yet sleek and it is made with high quality material. Not only does it keep the sun out, with protects my interior from cracking, it also keeps the inside a little cooler than my old sunshade. Also it not only comes with a small pouch for storage but it also has a strap to keep it from popping up after taking out of the pouch. Check it out, Click Here


Features** –

  • Protection against interior fading & cracking
  • Protects valuable electronics inside your vehicle
  • Reduces excessive heat inside your vehicle
  • Year round protection & comfort that’s highly affordable
  • Sunshade fold down 1/10 of size
  • High quality material, nylon silver coated

Pros** – Folds down into a small pouch just under 9 1/2 inches which makes it very easy to store, shades also have a strap to keep them folded, pops right open after removing the strap, keeps the car much cooler and the steering wheel isn’t burning hot when I try and drive.

Cons** – The only thing that would be nice about this product is if it was a little larger or came in a larger size. The 4th picture does state it’s only for compact or mid-size cars. So I wasn’t surprised but I figured I would try it anyway inside our SUV.

Shipping & Packaging ** – We received this device using amazon prime for free shipping. It arrived in two days and the item was packaged well. The M-SUN Windshield Sunshade came with a small pouch.

In closing I was very impressed by the quality of the sunshade. Not only does it seem like it will last a year or two if not longer, it also looks like it will not fade anytime soon. Being able to fold down into about a 9 1/2 inch circle and fit inside the pouch makes for super easy storage. I am certain that if your anything like me you will love these high quality sun shades at such a reasonable price. Click here for more info

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