PrimeCuts Set – Premium Knife Sharpener and Scissor Sharpener

Prime Cuts 3 in 1 – Premium Knife Sharpener and Scissor Sharpener

PrimeCuts Set - Premium Knife Sharpener and Scissor Sharpener

PrimeCuts Set – Premium Knife Sharpener and Scissor Sharpener

We were thinking about getting a new knife set because even though our knifes were in pretty fair condition. However, we had spent a couple hundred dollars for a really nice knife set almost 10 years ago. We love our knifes and the more we thought about it, and after we looked at the expensive sets out today, the more we were unsure what to buy or do. So after looking at Amazon products we ran across this knife sharpener and boy was this set a life and money saver.

This handy little sharpener does not disappoint. It shapes and sharpens knifes in about 4 to 6 pulls per slot, slots 2-4 as the instructions say. Same goes for scissors 4 to 6 pushes in slot 1 and your cutting like a champ. In addition to the sharpener you receive an all in one kinda pair of scissors and a medium “non cut glove”. If you would like to Check Out this product Click Here. The scissors as you can read below are a like a modern day swiss army knife in that it has 6 helpful functions. flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, fish scale scraper, vegetable peeler, and nut cracker/lid opener. Lastly the gloves can be used to help prevent cuts. I did cut them several small cuts and they held up. However, I decided to test out my newly sharpened 7″ chef’s knife. I drug the entire length of the blade, with a small amount of pressure, and by the time the tip got across the pinky finger it left a small cut in the glove. Honestly I would wear the glove while using the knife as protection but I wouldn’t trust the glove enough to purposely cut myself. Also the glove is a size medium so even though it’s elastic it fits my man hands a little snug.


Features** –

Item 1: PrimeCuts 3 in 1 Premium Knife Sharpener and Scissor Sharpener

  • A complete sharpening solution. 
    • Slot 1 is a scissor sharpener
    • Slot 2 is for repairing knifes 
    • Slot 3 is for stage one of sharpening knifes 
    • Slot 4 is for stage two of sharpening knifes.
  • Professional sharpening with tungsten steel, diamond and ceramic electroplated rods for pro sharpening results
  • A stable ergonomic design, which makes it easy to hold safely, with slip resistant rubber feet to keep the device from slipping

Bonus Item 1: Heavy Duty Scissors Shears

  • Sharp blades that cut pretty nicely. I haven’t tried to cut steak or bones but I’m impressed
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Fish Scale scraper
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Nut cracker and open stuck lids

Bonus Item 2: Cut Resistant Glove (Size Medium)

  • Safe chopping, cutting, slicing, peeling
  • 100% safe for food and machine washable
  • Ultra thin, nonabrasive, soft on skin, and elastic

Pros** –

  • The knife and scissor sharpener is very comfortable and easy to hold
  • In just one use it made a considerable difference on a dull knife and an old pair of craft scissors
  • The instructions were easy to understand
    • Scissors are to be barely opened and set agains the rod in slot 1, push (only) scissors 4 to 6 times forward
    • Knifes are to be pulled (only) out of the slot you choose 4 to 6 times
    • Only go in one direction, if you go both directions you can damage the blade
  • The rubber bottoms helped to keep the device in-place making it much safer to use
  • The scissors cut chicken breast and tenderloins very easily
  • The ability to easily separate the scissor blades made it very easy to clean
  • The scissors are also very comfortable

Cons** –

  • The sharpener is awesome but I did cut the rubber by dragging the blade accrossed in an attempt to sharpen it. I’m not sure if this will be an issue long term but I don’t think it will.
  • Because of the design of the bottom blade you can only use about 75% of the bottom cutting surface meaning you will have to make smaller cuts but, because it cuts so well this is a minor issue and you get used to it quickly
  • The glove is elastic but it’s a medium so it fit my wide man hands a little snug
  • It seems cut resistant I cut it a few times first and it was okay. Be warned though when I took my newly sharpened 7″ chef’s knife and drug the entire length of the blade along the finger of the glove it did cut it. Mind you I had set the glove on the counter and wasn’t wearing it when testing. The glove does have a cut now but is still okay to use. Just make sure you are careful while wearing it.

Shipping & Packaging ** – We received this device using amazon prime for free shipping. It arrived in two days and the item was packaged well. When I opened the package there was a box with all three items inside in plastic bags that resealed with adhesive. Also included were easy to read instructions.

In closing I really loved the Prime Cuts 3 in 1 Scissor and Knife Sharpener. The glove is a good safety device but  wear the glove and act as though you aren’t wearing a glove and you should be safe. I highly recommend this device to any and I believe you will save a bundle by keeping your favorite knifes and scissors. After all good scissors and knives are hard to come by these days and no one wants to cough up the money to buy new sets when you save a bundle and grab your own knife and scissor sharpener. Read More

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