RedHoney BC06 High Performance Digital Wireless FM Transmitter

RedHoney BC06 High Performance Digital Wireless FM Transmitter

RedHoney BC06 High Performance Digital Wireless FM Transmitter Bluetooth

RedHoney BC06 High Performance Digital Wireless FM Transmitter Bluetooth

RedHoney BC06 High Performance Digital Wireless FM Transmitter Bluetooth

RedHoney BC06 High Performance Digital Wireless FM Transmitter Bluetooth

We bought this device in hopes of being able to listen to our own music during road trips when it’s hard to find stations and when you do find a good song it turns to static due to leaving that area. I also like to listen to Tony Robbins and other talk radio stuff along with the occasional audio book. Driving with headphones in just seems distracting and dangerous. Click Here to checkout this much safer alternative.

Well I was very excited when the RedHoney FM Transmitter arrived and at first I was upset because I didn’t know how to use it. However, after tinkering with it I found out that you can change stations by holding down the red phone button until the 87.5 numbers begin to blink. Then, you can simply press the + and – keys on the side to change the station.

Also when listening to some audio books and talk radio I did have to turn the device up by holding down the + and – key to get the input to around 22 so I could actually hear the sound (it scales up to 30 so I recommend keeping it around 20-24 to keep from getting to much static).
With music I didn’t have any issues with it not being loud enough. However I don’t have a system that would require the stereo to be really cranked up so I don’t know how it would do. Of course if you have the money for a high end system then you probably want to look into a high end FM transmitter. If you’re like me though this handy little gadget is just what you’re looking for. Want to know more simply click here.


Features** – Dual 2A USB Charging ports, built in mic, hands-free calls, compatible with most devices via bluetooth or the audio input line, adjustable angles, full frequency FM transmitter, digital display, on/off switch, supports U Disk Player.

Controls** – on/off, +/- for adjusting input (30 max), green phone icon for pausing your music or double clicking to call the last number dialed, red phone icon for hanging up on calls and hold down until numbers blink to change the station you want to transmit from(after numbers blink press + and – to change the station).

Pros** – You can listen to music and take calls through your stereo via bluetooth, Dual 2A USB Charging while using your device, built in mic to take hands-free calls, adjustable angles so you can see and use the device easier, digital display is pretty visible, the music quality is pretty good if you don’t plan on great bass hits with an expensive system.

Cons** – There is some noise feedback (a low whining) that can be heard when music is paused, the device is short where it plugs into the charger so it does make it hard sometimes to use the controls, the charger only works when the power switch is in the (on) position. For talk radio or audio books you may have to turn the volume up a bit more and it could result in some static.

Shipping & Packaging ** – We received this device using amazon prime for free shipping. It arrived in two days and the item was packaged well. The box is your basic shelf hanging container so I threw mine away since when not in use I will keep this bad boy in the glove compartment.

In closing I gave this device 4/5 stars because it is reasonably priced and does what it is supposed to. I didn’t like that talk radio and audio books had to be turned up loud enough that there was some static. If you don’t want to spend $100 for a high quality transmitter and you are happy getting a great deal on one that fits most purposes. Then this one is what you are looking for. Click Here, more info.

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