YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt

YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera

We have owned a Canon Rebel T5 for close to a year now and it is one of the best investments we have made. Now with that said the neck strap is fairly comfortable for occasional wear. We went to the Oklahoma City Zoo about a month and a half ago and guess who got to carry the camera. Well I felt like I was wearing a noose around my neck for the whole day. I will say one thing though, it did’t rub me raw or anything just very uncomfortable on my skin and neck muscles and made me sweat like crazy.

That’s all it took and a couple of I told ya so’s from my wife who loves to remind me she’s right. She had actually been looking at stores everywhere we went to find a better neck-strap and was yet to find one. So while browsing my favorite place to late-night shop in my boxers I ran across the YRMJK Universal Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt for DSLR Camera. That’s a mouthful isn’t it?

I was expecting to spend at least 20 bucks on a neck-strap so trying this shoulder strap was a no brainer. It arrived in a couple days and at first glance my wife thought it was a good idea but wasn’t too crazy about wearing it or how it even went on. I looked the product back up on Amazon and saw the pictures she tried it on it fit pretty well. I hooked the camera up and slid into the thing and my mind was blown. I hardly felt the weight of the camera and the shoulder strap didn’t even touch my neck. Yes, I was wearing a thin T-shirt so if it was going to reach or rub my neck it would have done so then. We have wore it out and about but nothing like the Zoo day so next time we do have a long day I will leave a follow-up.

Back to the Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt it fits over your shoulder and has a comfortable pad. It has a loose fitting, or tight if that’s your thing, strap under the armpit for a secure fit. The large circle runs the length of your back and front so the camera rests at your side. This makes it ready to grab and snap pics as needed. There are also 2 sliding and locking plastic stoppers. One for the top and one for the bottom so you can decided how much or how little you want the camera to move while connected. Of course the quick connect is pretty darn cool and they send 3 bolts that screw into the camera and attach to the harness clip. Lastly the harness clip has a safety lock to prevent the clip from accidentally coming open. Check it Out for yourself: Click Here


Features** – Lightweight, right-handed, adjustable length, Unique shoulder pad, optimal weight distribution, Comfort, Durable, 1/4″ standard screw, Shoulder Pad size 14.7″ x 2.3″ (37.5cm x 6 cm), Strap size 53.15″ x 1.05″ (135cm x 2.7cm), & 3 mounting screws.

Pros** – Lightweight, super comfortable (can barely feel the camera weight), quick release clip for camera bolt has a safety lock, two sliding/locking plastic devices to act as stoppers so you can decide how far up or down you want the camera to move, no neck pain or neck rubbing.

Cons** – The only thing I could possibly think of is it could be a little longer. I have lost a lot of weight to get back down to 230-240 and this camera strap fits me comfortably. Had I still weighed 310 or so there’s no way that the camera would rest at my side. More like under my armpit maybe. Lastly we had to look at pictures on Amazon to see how to put it on since there weren’t any instructions included.

Shipping & Packaging ** – We received this device using amazon prime for free shipping. It arrived in two days and the item was packaged well. It came in a box and inside of a ziplock baggie. It also came with 3 camera bolts which was pretty awesome.

In closing the Camera Strap Quick Shoulder Belt is amazing. It is durable yet so light weight that it is barely noticeable if you are used to the neck straps. It didn’t rub and saved me from a ridiculously sore neck and hanging on your hip makes it super easy to grab and shoot naturally. I recommend this to anyone who plans on having the camera out for more than 20 minutes at a time. Plus if you have it out and ready the entire time you won’t miss any important shots.

One last thing I need to mention. Using the neck strap the camera not only bounced against my stomach when I walk but I also tend to bump it into things since I like keeping the longer lenses on. This is not a problem at all due to the way the camera hangs practically upside-down. More Info

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